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  • Thorough audits before and after the integration process:Unlike automated CMS integrations or transfers, we don't do the work mechanically. We'll audit your current website to take note of its assets, URL structures, and more. We'll also do a post-integration audit to ensure we didn't lose any of your website content during the integration.
  • Super-affordable maintenance plans:Once your website is integrated with the CMS, we'll help you learn your way around the new CMS and show you how you can update it. Also, we'll offer you a range of super-affordable support packages to maintain your website.
  • Integration while keeping the design intact:If your website has been around for some time, your users might be used to how it looks. And so, unless absolutely necessary, we won't change your website's design in any way.

We offer CMS integration services for most of the popular CMSes

Here are some of our most requested CMS integration services.

  • WordPress CMS integration service: Powering 30% of all websites in the world, WordPress is the best CMS for any business of any size looking for a high degree of scaling and customization.
  • Joomla CMS integration service: Joomla, the second most widely-used CMS, is also ideal for all types of businesses. Just like WordPress, it allows for easy updating, maintaining, and scaling.
  • Magento CMS integration service: The most robust eCommerce CMS, Magento, is ideal for integrating with your online store to make it infinitely scalable. Unlike hosted eCommerce CMSes like BigCommerce and Shopify, Magento doesn't restrict your design and feature development choices.
  • HubSpot CMS integration service: The HubSpot CMS is a great choice for any business wanting to take its inbound marketing to the next level. The HubSpot CMS comes packed with advanced SEO and conversion tools that help get more sales.
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion CMS integration service: We can help you integrate (rather said, migrate) yours existing online stores to hosted eCommerce CMSes like Shopify, BigCommerce, and others that will help you grow your selling business while being easy for you to maintain.
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FAQs on our eCommerce website development services

I need help choosing the right CMS for my website. Do you offer consultation on this?
Certainly. Just email us at connect@xieno.com with your website URL and why you want to integrate it with a CMS. We'll understand your needs and invite you to a free CMS consultation.
I already use a CMS. But I want to switch to another one. Do you offer CMS switching services as well?
Yes. We can help you switch your website CMS while keeping intact its content and aesthetics.
What if the CMS of my choice isn't listed?
We work with most of the top CMSes. Just email us about the CMS you want to integrate with your website, and we can work from there.
How much does a typical CMS integration project cost?
Because different CMS integrations need different levels of efforts, we'll be able to offer a good estimate once we know how big your website is and the CMS you want to add to it. Just fill the form below, and we'll send you a free quote for your project.
How long does it take for the development?
Again, we'll be able to give a reasonable time frame once we see your website and your target CMS. Let us know, and we'll get back to you.
I'm a developer too, but I need a hand with some work. Can you help?
That's great. Check out our various white label CMS integration/migration services. Don't worry, you'll be protected with an NDA
Why should I hire you over other CMS integration services?
A CMS integration process is complex, to say the least. Besides, not all developers and development firms understand their way around so many CMSes as we do. We are a team of 25+ developers with some specializing in just certain types of CMSes. We'll be able to match you with an expert in your preferred CMS.
Who will be working on my project?
Depending on your choice of the CMS, we'll find you the best developer to work on your project. You'll have full access to this developer and a dedicated account manager all along. We'll also have a designer hop on your project to make sure the design stays intact.

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