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The custom online stores we build are:

  • Toned for conversions: Whether it's something as basic as adding an SSL certificate to your online store or something as minute as placing trust seals on your checkout page, we don't miss anything. These little tweaks bring big sales.
  • Optimized for SEO­-friendliness and performance: Whether it's choosing search engine friendly URLs for your product pages or optimizing your store to load in seconds, we know how to make your store a search engine's favorite!
  • Polished for the ultimate user experience: Whether it's offering users the ability to add items to their wishlist or to help them with speedy checkouts by storing their details, we do as much as we can to make your store shopping experience quite Amazon­like!

The eCommerce platforms we support

Your technology options for custom online store development

When it comes to choosing an online store solution, there are three ways to go about it.

  • Hosted shopping solutions / CMSes: These solutions include Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace and others. Often touted as the "simpler" or "DIY" eCommerce solutions, these solutions, too, need development work.
  • Self­-hosted shopping carts / eCommerce platforms: These solutions include WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Volusion, Magento and others and are easy to extend to offer newer and more complex custom features.
  • Custom built from scratch: In case you've very specific needs that these hosted solutions or self­-hosted platforms don't cover, you can go for a completely custom-­built platform.
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How our eCommerce store development
service works

Here are the three key stages of our custom online store development process.

  • Phase 1: Design

    During the design phase, we'll work on your storefront or your store's overall look and feel. In addition to the aesthetics, we'll use battle­-tested usability and conversion hacks to win you more sales consistently.

  • Phase 2: Develop, Integrate & Test

    Depending on your choice, we'll take your design and either integrate it with an eCommerce CMS like Shopify (or a cart like WooCommerce) or head straight to custom development.

  • Phase 3: Support

    Once your store is live, we'll support it under one of our super-­affordable support packages. We'll take care that your store runs without any hiccups.

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FAQs on our eCommerce website development services

I haven't decided on a specific online shopping solution for my store. Do you offer consultation on this?
Certainly. Just email us at with your online selling needs. Once you do so, we'll invite you to a free consultation.
I already use an online selling solution. But I want to switch to another one. Can you migrate my store to the other online selling solution of my choice?
Yes. We can switch your store's current platform to the one you prefer.
What if the eCommerce solution of my choice isn't listed?
We work with most of the top online store solutions. Email us about the one you're interested in, and we can work from there.
How much does a typical online store project cost?
Because different online selling solutions need different levels of building and maintenance efforts, we'll be able to offer a good estimate once we know how many products you sell and your custom needs. Just the form below so we can send you a quote for your project. We'll also share details about our super-­affordable post­-development maintenance packages.
How long does it take for the development?
Again, we'll be able to give a reasonable time frame once we know your store size and the platform/customizations you need. Let us know and we'll get back to you.
I'm a developer too, but I need a hand with some work. Can you help?
That's great. Check out our various white label eCommerce store development services. Don't worry; you'll be protected with an NDA

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